TigerPaw Invoice Import to QuickBooks

Information on the importation of data from Tigerpaw into QuickBooks (Pro 2004) using the Detailed Link developed by WTS.

Specific Problems Noted
Please do not use double quotation marks ( ” ) in the Item ID or descriptions of your items. These cause major problems when the file is imported into QuickBooks due to its Comma Separated Values (CSV) format. Instead, please use ‘in’ for inches or ‘ft’ for feet. It is also acceptable to use two single quotes ( ” ) instead of one double quote.

QuickBooks Templates
Some of the data elements, such as PO#, do not normally show in the default Intuit invoice templates. To resolve this, you must copy the Intuit template to one of your own, modify yours, and then set your new template as the default. Please search QuickBooks Help under “templates for business forms” for more information.

Sales Representative on Invoice
To make this work properly, both QuickBooks and Tigerpaw require one time setups:

QuickBooks: Lists –> Customer & Vendor Profiles List –> Sales Rep List
Enter the Rep’s name and initials. The Initials are what is printed on the QB Invoice.

Tigerpaw: Edit –> Master Tables –> Rep –> Account Reps
On the Manager Tab, enter the exact name from the QuickBooks Rep above into the Accounting ID: field.

Items Shipped
When the link was first created, it was programmed to send the Tigerpaw invoice’s item shipped to the QuickBooks Line Item Description in the format of “Item Number – Item Description”. This was done to avoid causing problems with items on the QuickBooks side.

Invoice Number Series
Although not part of the link package, WTS recommends that you set your Next Invoice Number in Tigerpaw to be a higher number than normal, such as a beginning invoice number of 10,000. This allows for you to issue manual invoices from QuickBooks in a lower range of numbers (such as 1,000) to avoid any conflicts with duplicate invoice numbers coming from Tigerpaw.

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