Service Orders

Service Orders in Tigerpaw have two fields that can be used to control the procedures and flow of each order. This document lists several different coding schemes that different clients use. No one company would use all of these, but you may find them useful. Each Service Order has one Type, but the Status can be changed as the order progresses through your process to indicate who is responsible for processing it.

Service Order Types: Used For

  • Installation: New Installations
  • MAC: Moves, Adds, and Changes
  • Service: Normal T & M Service
  • Parts: Parts Sale Only (No Services)
  • Contract: Service Under Existing Maintenance Contract
  • Support: Telephone Support/Help Desk
  • Call Back: Return to correct our problem
  • SubService: Service by Sub-Contractor
  • Contract-No Invoice: Work to be preformed under existing contact – no billing

Service Order Status: Means

  • New: Order Received
  • Open: Order has been checked, ready for Operations
  • Cancelled: Customer Cancelled the order
  • Void: We made a mistake – should be a corrected SO
  • On Hold: Customer put a hold on order
  • Parts Needed: Parts need to be placed on a Purchase Order
  • Waiting on Parts: Parts are ordered, but have not been received
  • Dispatched: Work Scheduled for Technician
  • Completed: Technicians have finished their work
  • Ready for Billing: Labor and Materials Checked – OK to invoice
  • Closed: Completely finished with order
  • Assigned: Service Order Sent to Sub-Contractor
  • Closed-No Invoice: Contract SO is Finalized, Do Not Invoice

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