About WTS

Williams Technology Solutions (WTS) is a professional management consulting partner that provides your business with the computer tools necessary to increase your productivity. We help you determine your business management needs, offer solutions, installation, training, and personalized service.

Contact us via email or call (864) 982-1589.

As a business owner and consultant we know the many needs your business faces when. it comes to managing your contacts, inventory, accounting, billing, marketing, sales, and projects.

As a Gold Level Certified Reseller for Tigerpaw Software we provide you with excellent software solutions to help you with business proposals, fulfillment, and inventory control. We also are able to integrate several accounting packages such as QuickBooks and Peachtree to help you stay on top of your sales demands.

As a Certified Expert with Tigerpaw we handle Installation: we provide you with a personal and customized setup. We can import your current data, create custom reports, and, if necessary, help you make the hard decisions in changing in-house procedures to ensure effectiveness.

As a Certified Expert with Tigerpaw we handle Training: we provide training on-site, remote training, one-on-one or group training (even if we didn’t do the Tigerpaw install). We serve as an adviser and consultant to make sure you are able to maximize your business processes.

As a company that thrives on personal service, you can be sure we will be there when you need us.  Our value is your success! Although we are located near Greenville, South Carolina, we are consistently helping businesses all across North America.

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